Did you know the colors you Love  and the colors you REPEL make an equal impression? Add pattern, shape, and form psychology to your color preferences and your empowerment is further revealed.

Color is emotional, often stemming from childhood experiences or anchored in societal or religious beliefs.

Over many years I have incorporated and balanced my clients least favorite colors in tandem with those best preferred. I have found that this process lends greater opportunity to upscale self awareness and inspire healing in many of our interpersonal relationships.  Colors we once considered foe now become friend.

Fully understanding your personal color psychology can help change negative past beliefs to positive forward thinking beliefs and instill positive feelings. Positive feelings create positive action and can lead us to greater happiness and personal success.

Imagine working with a skilled interior designer fully educated and versed in the principles of fine interior design and decoration with the added knowledge of your color choice and pattern.

Your interior design truly becomes uniquely you!


Andrew Graham
(He, Him, His)

Add a Color Reading to your
color preferences!

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Andrew discusses his working method and the psychology of color.


Watch Andrew on the HGTV series Family Under Construction.


“Your home is a reflection of you, not me. I follow tried and true design principles learned through education and experience. I am here to inspire and guide you to your own unique color psychology and interior design splendor.”

“If you want a full-sized tractor parked in the center of your living room—you got it! (As long as it meets code and aesthetic requirements!)”

“I am not a one man band! My designs come to fruition by the many expert craftswomen and craftsmen that I have the pleasure to work with.”

“I agree I initially say ‘maybe’ more often than I say yes, but in the end my clients agree with my ‘yes’!”

“My PORTFOLIO proves that I am not a cookie-cutter interior designer. I’m YOUR interior designer!”

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